DBAdvGrid.RowSelect return error

IW 14.0.32, ProScript 5.5.00

One column of the grid contains ctCheckboxes. Grid is SelectPresistent = True.

Check one or more checkboxes. Rows are highlighted accordingly.

The following code, which worked in previous versions, now does not recognize that a row is selected. All rows report False..

for i := 1 to TIWDBAdvWebgrid1.RowCount do begin
  if TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.RowSelect[i - 1] then begin
    Do something here

RowCount is also reporting up to 40 rows when in fact only 8 or 10 are there.

Is this a bug, has something changed that I missed, or is it something I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance - Kevin

Sorry... I posted this message on the wrong Forum.

Since I am unable to edit or delete this thread, the question has been moved to IntraWeb\Grids.

Thanks, Kevin