DBAdvGrid ignoring header colour

Hi, I am in the process of starting a long overdue upgrade to modernise my app as I have been using this successfully for the last 7 years.  I have upgraded to the latest Delphi and also upgraded to the latest VCL UI Pack.

I have encountered what I think is a bug as the DBAdvGrid is not doing what I think it should do.  To prove my theory I will use the Ado Grouping Demo to prove this.

1. Change the property of the grouping so that HeaderColor and HeaderColorTo are both clBlack and HeaderTextColor is clWhite.  Run the demo and click on the group button and notice how the colour choice has been ignored.

2. After doing above, change the columns so that Column 1 is Type and Column 2 is Brand, then change the group col to be 2.  Run the demo and click on the group button and you will see that the grid obeys the colour choice as expected.

It appears that colour settings are working unless the group row is >1 so might not be an issue for some people.

I have spent the best part of a day looking for this, please tell me this is an undocumented function (aka bug) :-)  and that a fix can/will be done or is the solution just to avoid grouping on col 1?


We traced & solved this regression.
We can confirm this will be addressed in the next release.

Excellent thanks Bruno.