[DBAdvGrid] How i get colums value, if grouping


I set grouping, and mergeheader in DBAdvGrid.

How i get the value of row, where only one field value visible: the field based on grouping ?

Group on col_3
                     Col_1    Col_2           Col_3
row1           Group value  (col3)
row2            Id_1       Value1_2    Value1_3
row3            Id_2       Value2_2    Value2_3
row4            Id_3       Value3_2    Value3_3     
row5            Group value (col3)
row6            Id_2....

How i get the col_1 value in row 1 or in row 5 ?

Thanks in advance

Normally, the column's value for row 1 after grouping is in row 2, so you'd get the value from row 2, ie. grid.Cells[column,2]: string;

Opps, sorry, i don't think enough before hit the keyboard for this post.
The group row is group row, only one value (one column).

Sorry for waste of time.