DBAdvGrid disappears

Anyone else have this happen? It happens to me fairly often where the control seems to vanish in the IDE, but you can still select it and get to the object inspector. However, you cannot get to the column editor by double clicking on the control, that take you to the form or whatever is underneath the grid.

Can you verify you have ALL 5 TMS VCL UI Pack packages installed AND active.
See under IDE menu: 'Component/Install Packages', it should have TMS VCL UI Pack design time support

Yes, under Packages, Design Packages, it lists 5: (all checked)

TMS TAdvStringGrid Excel Support
TMS VCL UI Pack design time support
TMS VCL UI Pack Extra
TMS VCL UI Pack Wizards

Do you have exact steps to reproduce?

I do not. It seems a bit random, but i will try and see if there is a pattern. Closing the project and reopening restores the grid to the ide.