DBAdvGrid CopySelectionToClipboard Issue


When using DBAdvGrid.CopySelectionToClipboard the cells are copied as expected, but the selection itself is then lost - i.e. the selection is just the single cell in what was the top-left of the original selection.


I have retested this here from the ADOSelection demo in the DBAdvGrid samples folder but I cannot see a problem. What are you doing different from this sample?

The ADOSelection demo is not the same thing I'm afraid.   I have modified the ADOSelection demo and added the function and it produces the same problem as I described earlier.

- Select a range of cells in the DBAdvGrid.  
- Press "copy to clipboard" action which just calls "DBAdvGrid1.CopySelectedCellsToClipboard;
- Then your selected range in the DBAdvGrid1 is lost.

The modified demo is here:

If this behaviour is by-design (which seems odd) - could you help with a workaround to first save the co-ordinates of the range selection, and then re-select the same cells after the CopySelectedCellsToClipboard is run?   Thanks


Please set grid.DataSetType = dtNonSequenced.
This solves the problem in your demo here for me.

Hi Bruno,

Yes that solves the problem with losing the seletion after copying to the clipboard.

What are the consequences of using NonSequenced vs Sequenced?  (My dataset is a TDAMemDataTable from RemObjects).


I do not expect there will be consequences for this dataset.

Thank you