DbadvGrid click on scrollbar lose selection

I have the latest release of DbAdvGrid with Delphi XE7
my grid is set in these way
WITH grid do
    AutoCreateColumns := False;
    AutoRemoveColumns := False;
    DataSource := dataS;
    Options := grid.Options - [goEditing] + [goRowSelect] + [goColSizing] +   oDrawFocusSelected];
    Look := glTMS;
    ActiveRowShow := True;
    ActiveCellShow := False;
    ActiveRowColor := clYellow;
    ActiveCellColor := clYellow;
    ShowHint := true;
    HighlightColor := clYellow;
    SelectionColor := clYellow;
    MouseActions.WheelAction :=  waScroll;
    HoverRow := true;
    HoverRowColor := clInfoBk;
If i click on the scrollbar the grid lose the current row selected and select another row..It's possibile to avoid such behavior?

When grid.PageMode = true, the selected row is by definition in the range of the visual buffer of rows of your dataset. If you do not want this, set grid.PageMode = false.

First Of All thanks for your reply
Setting the property of Pagemode equal to true work fine..but..i lost then image that i show in on column depending of a value in a db
I set in this way such column:
    ColumnByName['colStatus'].Width := 20;
    ColumnByName['colStatus'].MinSize := 20;
    ColumnByName['colStatus'].MaxSize := 20;
    ColumnByName['colStatus'].DataImageField := TRUE;
    ColumnByName['colStatus'].Images := ImageList1;
and the image now does not appear
Have I manage the image of a cell by code?