DBAdvGrid and progress bars

Hi All,

Delphi X Professional with DBAdvGrid v2.3.0.3 and Windows 7
Fairly new to this, so try out the DBAdvGrid (latest version) I've placed one on a form and linked it to a flat file database where one of the fields is an integer representing 0..100%
I set the appropriate column to be a progress bar expecting it to take on the DBAdvGrid defaults such as the TGridProgressAppearance values that are setup ready i.e Level1Color, Level1Perc etc but all I can manage is a small subset of colors for that column.
Have I missed thoe point here as I expected the progress bar color to CHANGE according to the value in the field?
All help appreciated.
Roger B

For DB-bound progress bars in the grid, the colors are set under:






The progress bar settings are column specific and the grid.ProgressAppearance is not used for this column specific DB bound progress bars.