DATETIME2(0) and TIME(0)


in MS SQL 2008 there are new types: DATETIME2(x) and TIME(x) where x is time precision (sec). I use x = 0, but DM (version convert it to x=7 when I open my project. I use it in logical domains. When I define/edit logical domain: DT = DATETIME2(0) its OK. But after close and reopen DM there are: DT = DATETIME2(7).

Thanks Roman

Hi Roman, 

thanks for reporting. This issue should be fixed now, apply the newest updates. You might need to open and save project again to see the fixes/changes.


I have DM version - Generate script produce "DATETIME2(0)" but Compare function produce "DATETIME2(7)". I have defined: DATETIME2(0). Check function still generate Warnings about precision 0: Size was not specified on field XY.

Thanks, Roman

Fixed, new version is available through automatic update.