Datepicker in TAdvToolBarPager


I have an Office 2013 styled tabbed menu and need a datepicker in a TAdvToolbar section. Is this possible? Need a label for each picker too in that case... Or are there any other option for a date dropdown?

Thanks for any help!

Johan Rydmark
Elatek AB

I assume you use a TAdvToolBarPager with a TAdvToolBar in a TAdvPage?
In this case, you can insert any control in the TAdvToolBar. If you want position control of a label & datepicker in the toolbar, you could insert a TAdvToolBarContainer in which you can position any control as you wish.

Thanks for your reply. It did work just dropping controls, but they ended up on another ToolBar than the one they where droped on. Once moved to the correct one, it allworked as planned!