datepicker (bootstrap or JQuery) with the ability to enable / disable dates

I need a datepicker whose dates can be dynamically enabled or disabled. For this I also need an event that triggers when the month is changed. The JQuery component WebJQXDateTimeInput only has an "OnDateClick" event and also lacks a method to disable dates. I would prefer to use the bootstrap datepicker, but I don't know how to access it from within WebCore (and how to catch the events).


  • Please note that you can disable dates in TWebJQXDateTimeInput with the MinDate and MaxData properties. Unfortunately the jqxDateTimeInput from JQWidgets does not expose an event for when the month is changed.
    The jqxCalendar does have those events, but they are currently not implemented in TWebJQXCalendar. We'll consider adding them in a future version of TMS WEB Core.

  • Alternatively you can also use the TTMSNFCDatePicker component from TMS FNC UI Pack which is compatible with TMS WEB Core.
    More information is available here: