Date formats in TAdvListView


I'm using the SaveToXLS method in TAdvListView to enable data in my List View to be exported to Excel.
However, the problem I'm getting is that all my dates are being translated into American format in the process.  So for example a date of '04/01/2012' (i.e. 4th Jan) is showing in my resulting Excel spreadsheet as '01/04/2012'.  However, if there is a date which would be invalid in American format, e.g. 14/01/2012, it leaves it as is.
I've debugged through the AdvListView process and the data in the various work arrays is definitely stored in the right format.  It's just that once it gets saved to Excel it's showing in the wrong format.
I've checked my regional settings which say English UK, short date format 'dd/MM/yyyy' etc.  I've also checked within Excel itself to see if there are any settings which are causing this, and everything is set to English UK.
I'm running this using Office 2010 in Windows 7.  Any ideas?  I'm sure this is probably an Excel problem, but are there any settings within TAdvListView which would stop this from happening?  I couldn't see any.