DataSnap Sample


I downloaded the trial version of TMS Aurelius, but cannot find a DataSnap sample or even a sample using the SuperObject. I was looking for a DataSnap example with insert, edit, delete and search using TLinq and TExpression. Is such sample only available via full version?

Hello, here is a full presentation showing an example of how use Aurelius and DataSnap:

Here is the link where you can download source code for the project used in the video:

Thank you, will have a look and try.

I saw the sample but is using XData and this is not available at Aurelius Trial. 

There is no sample on how to use Aurelius with DataSnap without using XData?
Thank you

Sorry, now i saw the last few steps. Before I had a look at Server directory and this was using XData. Thought initially that the steps were to get into that, but saw that before you used only DataSnap. Will spend some time looking at it. Thx