DataSet pagination


I use TWebClientConnection to fetch rows from SQL table.
Since the number of tables is large, I want to add pagination, such as 1,2,3.4,Next, etc.

Is there a standard way to do it with webcore?
Is there a way to read returned data to TWebClientConnection so I will return pagination information such as total number of rows in the same response from the server?

Please advise how to handle it correctly.
I develop my backend is Python.


A clientdataset has no built-in pagination. If you want to work paged, you would need to fill the dataset from your backend page by page.

If you use the wizard to create an X-Data / WebCore application it will give you a series of plugins which will help you do this working with the TXDataWebDataset and TWebDBTableControl, but you should be able to change them to work with your setup.