DataSet GoToBookmark

Hello TMS-Team

In our current program we use:


We tried to implement this with DBAdvGrid:

for i := 0 to DBAdvGridUserDrucker.SelectedRowCount - 1 do


      DBAdvGridUserDrucker.DataSource.DataSet.GotoBookmark (pointer (DBAdvGridUserDrucker.SelectedRow)); something...


This causes an Access Violation. How can we use .GotoBookmark correctly?

You cannot use grid.SelectedRow this way. 

grid.SelectedRow[n] is an indexed property that returns the row index of the nth selected row w

This is an integer row index and not a bookmark. TDBAdvGrid does not have an equivalent to DBGrid.SelectedRows.

Base-Example: ADOSelection

Options for DBAdvGrid set in Objectinspector:

  1. Options.goEditing := false;
  2. Options.GoRowSelect := true;
  3. MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect := true;


Another problem is, when I set “MouseActions.HotmailRowSelect:= true;” and click the Check-All Button, then every single row seems to be empty.