DataModeler for firebird 2.5


does DataModeler support firebird 2.5?  Is it possible to connect database to DataModeler with firebird embedded server (using only DLLs)?


BTW when I installed firebird server 2.5 and tried to browse database, I get following message:

[AnyDAC][Phys][IB] unsupported on-disk structure for file C:\database\test.fdb; found 32779.15 <Missing arg#4 - possibly status vector overflow>, <Missing arg#4 - possibly status vector overflow>.


Me again :)))

on the other hand...I do not need to connect to database.  I just need to create model and then create database from my program....That is good option

Yes, connection to database is only needed if you want to perform reverse engineering on existing database. And it supports Firebird 2.5, yes.