Database not being updated

Database Firebird 3.0;

I have a process in my application that up to a certain point updates the database with updates and new objects. However, after a certain point this just stops happening.

In the start of the process there is a Find (Found1) and a new object (New1) created. The found object is updated and a Flush saves it back to the database. The new object is created and a Save and Flush write this to the database.

However, at the end of the process updates to Found1 and New1 are not written back to the database and the creation of New2 doesn't appear in the database at all. I have tried just calling ObjectManager.Flush(Object), ObjectManager.Update(Object) followed by ObjectManager.Flush(Object) but to no avail.

None of the objects have associations.

No exception is thrown . Any ideas?

Can you please share the code? What is New2, Object, etc.?
My initial guess is that you maybe might have an uncommitted transaction open?

That's what I was thinking, so I disconnected the DB, restored the backup and all was fine.

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