Database first approach

according to the feature description, using TMS Data Modeler you can create classes from an existing DB. As I do not see any specific functionality in the Modeler, I suppose we would need the Delphi Integration library - which is not available for Delphi XE 2 at the moment.

Any advise?

  Olaf Monien 

Hi Olaf,

creating classes from db is done in TMS Data Modeler directly. There is an option in the file menu "File | Export" that opens a dialog with lot of options for you to generate the classes from the current database model. There is also a section in Data Modeler manual explaining the details about that.
Note that you need the latest Data Modeler 1.8, which was recently released.

Thanks Wagner!

I found it - and even got my pretty complex test model exported into classes :-)