Data modeler gives an EGUIException when reading AppMetaData.DiagramObj.Diagrams

That indicates that it is something in your computer that is affecting the executable. The only difference between the two executables is the fact that this last one doesn't have the license protection enabled.

I believe that there is a bug and the licence protections finds something it can not expect and deal with, and has not a well defined way to handle it giving an exception.
The importing of the registry does not allow the starting of new programs at this time, without re-logging in windows again.
So, please check your licence protection to be able to handle such exceptions or contact your provider to do so.
It is not the executable affected by something. It is the executable's licence protection that it is not prepared to handle the situation it finds. That is completely different situations

Our license protection is a 3rd party tool we don't have control to. It's rather complex, there might be an external app that is affecting the existing exe as well.

Can you please elaborate this? I'm not aware of re-logging issues.

As I understand, you do not have support for the 3rd party tool you are using. So, I have to switching accounts to use it as I understand.
To be honest, that make me thinking again about using and investing time in data modeler and aurelius. I have to switch to other framework I believe.
Thank you for your time.

I am just saying that when importing the registry, other programs pointed by the registry are not starting to run like it happens when you are logging in.

I said it's hard for us to know what's happening, since it's a 3rd party tool. Of course we have to support our software regarding of what's inside it. I'm just sharing technical knowledge with you. The fact that we "have" to support it doesn't mean we will be able to solve it.

It's still not clear to me what is your point when mentioning the registry. I understand that you mean that after importing the registry, Data Modeler stops working immediately, even without logging out/logging in?

OK, I apologize. I misunderstood it.


After a deep debugging session with the help of @Kounalakis_Dimitris, we were able to trace and fix the issue.

For what is worth, the problem was caused in a very specific situation caused by a default printer in Windows system that had more than 256 different paper sizes defined.

We will release a new version with the fix.

I also want to thank @wlandgraf for his patience and his efforts to find the solution.
More than professional his attitude to support a really good product.
Thank you a lot Wagner, from my heart!!!

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