Customizing TAdvCombobox font when Enabled=False

Ref: TAdvComboBox version

I'm sure this has been asked many times (but I couldn't find anything in this forum).

When setting TAdvCombobox's Enabled=False, the combobox displays its current value in the conventional gray-on-silver color scheme. Is there a way to change that? I do not see a "DisabledFont" property.

Is the only way to achieve this is by setting up an OnDrawItem event to print the text with the desired font properties myself?


At this moment, there is indeed no built-in customization of the disabled look. It adopts in disabled state the standard VCL TComboBox disabled look (underlying Windows COMBOBOX class based). You'd indeed need to perform custom drawing as while you can change the font via AdvComboBox.Font, Windows will still draw the text grayed by default.