Custom columns in TPlanner with sidebar on top ?


I have a ressource planner with sidebar containing the days of a month on top and the positions (ressources) on the left.

I need some additional columns representing detail information to the ressource column. Can this be accomplished somehow?

Horst Spierling

Not sure what you mean with "detail information"? Is this information different from PlannerItems?

In the Planner, a column (position) holds & displays PlannerItems, so all information displayed should be through PlannerItems. You could use custom drawn PlannerItems though to have the Planner display in a column information in a different way than the typically PlannerItem rectangle with subject & notes.

Let me clarify on this:
>>Not sure what you mean with "detail information"? Is this information different from PlannerItems?

Yes, say I have kind of booking planner for vehicles, the PlannerItems contain the booking information. But I need extra columns with more details on the vehicles ( like number plate, type, etc, preferably in a sortable column)
The ressources (vehicles) are in the first column and I have only the option to Show information via Header->Captions (remember sidebar is on top).
So sth. like this:
name     , (type, number-plate,)* July 1., July 2., July 3.,..... July 31
vehicle1                                     [PlannerItem-----------------]
*=custom columns

With what is available in the Planner, you could either create a custom drawn item in a single position (column) but that is drawn with a left & right part (right part for details) or have an extra column reserved to have an additional custom drawn item per regular item and in this additional custom drawn item, you paint the extra information.

thanks for your suggestions, not sure if I could follow though.

Do you mean creating PlannerItems with ->InHeader property set to 'true' ? This would be a good idea I think. Unfortunately I cannot get these Items to be displayed in the Planner when the header is on the left side. Tried all combinations of Header->Height, ->TextHeight and ->ItemHeight but no luck.

The question is where you want to have these "extra" items displayed?
When you want these in the header, increase only Planner.Header.Height to make space for header items.

Yes, that will work for me thank you!