Custom Boolean Mapping

Some DBMS lacks native Boolean data type support (e.g. Firebird versions until 2.5). In other cases in legacy schemas, boolean types are simulated through Integer or Varchar columns.

Is possible to map these columns in TMS Aurelius v. 4.3 using a hack: "Create one integer/string field that will be mapped to the database, and then for OOP usage create the boolean property that wraps the integer value"

A better solution is the possibility to map natively using just TMS Aurelius attributes.

Please add custom boolean mapping so mapping boolean properties can be done automatically. Suggestion: add [NumericBooleanColumn(ValueTrue = , ValueFalse=)] and [StringBooleanColumn(ValueTrue=, ValueFalse=)] attributes. When reading data from database, any value different from ValueTrue is interpreted as false (or Null in the case of Nullable types).

Firebird SQL Dialect already does that, all Aurelius SQL dialects support boolean. In case of databases that do not support it, it's saved as "T" or "F".

This feature was implemented.