CTRL+F12 not always launches the designer

I have noticed that Ctrl+F12 not always has the expected effect after having opened a second project and trying to launch then the designer.

I would need a bit more details to reproduce the issue. Does it happen just right after opening the second project? Works after you wait a bit until the project is fully loaded?

There is no solid pattern. I will try your suggestion to wait a bit. It's not a big deal as it just needs to close and reopen VSC.

You can also set this environment variable:
Once you open VSC with it, you will see a lot of debug information on the VSC developer tools. Check this answer to know how to see that information:


I have experienced this to. If the design view is closed I can't directly restart the designer view by selecting the .pas source file and hit ctrl+F12 (no response). If I double click the .pas source-file, then it will reopen the related design view with no problem.


Thanks for the info, would be great if you can record a similar video like this one, so I can see what is going on. Thanks!!!


Going to record the video and noticed one specific thing. In Your video You click once in the opened pascal source file and gets an active caret. If I have the file opened and just click once on the pascal source file, there is no active caret in the document. Double-clicking the selected files, makes the caret active in the source file and ctrl+F12 works.

The clue is to have the caret active in the source file You want the designer to be launced for and not just having the file displayed in view-mode.


At this moment, the command to toggle to the designer is limited to work only when there is an active text editor, that is, the caret is on a text document, I can review to have it enabled always, no matter where the focus is. Will let you know. Thanks!

We have enabled that Ctrl+F12 works no matter what window has the focus, we will be testing it through the rest of 1.1 development and will be available once we release it.

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