When using a ctpopup column type how can I configure the size of the string that will be displayed on the grid. In the features demo the field Notes displays 25 characters and the rest is visible through the popup. How can I modify the length?


The text length that is visible is based on the Columns[].Width setting.

Thanks Bart,
I tried it and the width will modify the width of the column. If the text is wider then the width of the column it will be displayed in multiple lines.
I want to limit the length of the displayed string to keep it in one line and use the popup to display the whole string.
How can I do that?

Hi Again,
In practice I need a popup column that is nowrap as well, if I can do that, it will be good enough.

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to add nowrap to a ctPopup column.

However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version of the TMSIWAdvWebGrid.

As an alternative, if you're using plain text only, maybe you can use the OnGetCellHint event to display the full text in a hint for a column with ColumnType = ctNoWrap and ShowHint = true.