Creating Italian Keyboard Layount

When I want to add special (italian) characters to caption of keys of TadvTouchKeyboard, eg. £, é... they are transformed to L,e... What can I do to get correct characters on keys?

I cannot reproduce this.

Starting from the default keyboard, I changed a character to £ (i.e. set Key.Caption = '£') and this works as expected, it inserts £.

I'm using D7 and English XP with Slovene/English keyboard.

If I put italian special characters in saved text file as UNICODE they are shown correctly as: ç£èéàòù§ì° but in ANSI file they are saved (converted) to: çLeéaou§i°. (Program loads and displays saved kayboard layouts (both UNICODE and ANSI) as ANSI).
Also if I copy character to Key.Caption they are automaticaly converted from £ to L etc. 
If someone uses another code table than some characters could work correctly but how to make it work for all special characters?

We'll need to investigate to add unicode support to persisting the keyboard layout to file.

As a workaround, you'd need to persist the AdvTouchKeyboard.Keys collection from application level code.