Create a TWebDBTreeView for WebCore

The idea is to create a TWebDBTreeView for WebCore that already has all the necessary implementation without having to customize the current WebTreeView, it would be an inherited DB component WebTreeView and would be a component linked to a DataSource.

It would have two possibilities to load the tree with a property that you would define if it would be a flat load or by hierarchy,

Loading by hierarchy: With this property enabled, you would have to inform a payload with the component with the hierarchy of the tree already assembled and it would just load in the same format that the payload was received.

Flat loading: you would have two properties that are fields, Key and Key Parent, the DataSet would bring the payload and through the informed fields Key, Key Parent, display, icon it would mount the tree.

The Component would still have for each node the possibility of informing an icon class that could also be a field to be informed.

It would also have the possibility to search a node, so it would have a property that you enable the search and an edit would appear at the top of the component for you to type the name of the node to search and it would filter automatically.

Are there VCL equivalents for these concepts?

Yes, There is this same component for VCL, but from another component supplier that is DevExpress and they replicated the same for Angular, React, Vue, JQuery, Asp.Net

We will discuss & consider this for future versions.