Crash in FMX Grid after Custom editor

Hello together,

first of all, thank You for the superb components.

I think I have a big problem, which is critical for me. When in the FMX Grid the Property "Option-Keyboard-EnterKeyDirectEdit" and/or "Option-Keyboard-TabKeyDirectEdit" is turned on, very strange things happen. After leaving a CustomEditor with the Enter or Tab Key, the next column is selected but the editor of the next column does not get the focus. When clicking on the selected cell - an access violation occurs - can not read of address 0x000000000f.

It is easy to reproduce it. Take the "EditingDemo" from the Samples. Turn on the mentioned property/properties. Click in a cell in th "Switch" column ), activate the editor ( a switch occurs). Then when pressing Enter (if Option-Keyboard-EnterKeyDirectEdit is True ) or Tab (Option-Keyboard-TabKeyDirectEdit) the next cell in the column "Password" is selected, but the editor is not activated.
Then, when clicking on the selected cell to activate the Editor, a access violation occurs.

I did other tests, and whenever leaving a custom editor, this happens. First I thought that my custom editor is problematic, but then I reproduced it on your example.

I am using Delphi 10.4.1, with the last version of FMX UI Pack - and compiling it to Win32

Please check this and give me some advice.

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Boris Bokun
strictit doo


We have traced and solved this issue, the next version will address this.

Hello Pieter,

thanks for the fast reply. Any rough estimations when the next version is going to be released?


Boris Bokun
strictit doo


We'll look into releasing an update this week.