CORS middleware with Apache module not working

I'm developing an xData API as StandAlone EXE and as a Windows Apache DLL (using TMS video presentations)
I get an issue about CORS middleware managed by Xdata server
With EXE (sparkle sys dispatcher), the header sent by server includes well :
access-control-allow-origin : *
but the same code of middleware with Windows Apache DLL (webbroker based) doesn't integrate the header for CORS in server responses.

I'm also trying to add this header inside apache conf (vhost) but it seems handler to module remove it.

Is there a way to process in right way with xData and Apache Module for CORS ?


If other XData modules are working normally, then there is nothing XData-related that can be done.
Somehow Apache might be removing the CORS header, and you will have to properly configure it to set such header.

Have you tried other options, like this:

Since this morning I was playing with Apache Header without seeing any of them.
I found the guilty, it's the HTTP proxy security layer on our Enterprise Firewall (WatchGuard)
A specific rule bypassing the HTTP proxy when requesting the API server enables to preserve header.

Thanks Wagner

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