Copy Range (Values Only)

Hi Adrian. It's me again.

This looks like a simple question. Is there a way to copy a range and paste as values only?

I used the InsertAndCopyRange Method
(TXlsCellRange, Int32, Int32, Int32, TFlxInsertMode, TRangeCopyMode)

But it seems I can only copy either All, OnlyFormulas, None, AllIncludingDontMoveAndSizeObjects, and Formats.

There is no option for Values only. Is this possible? 

I can do it the old fashioned way by looping and using SetCellValues but there are quite many ranges to loop through. Is there a shortcut for this?



Sadly no, there isn't a built in way to copy only values. It is an oversight, we should have added it when we added the ability to copy formats, but somehow we forgot. I have added it to the todo list, but with very low priority as we have some more urgent things to care about right now.

The workaround is, as you said, to loop over the cells.