Convert NSImage to FireMonkey TBitmap


I am building a Mac OS X Application, but facing a small problem, not related to mCL actually, but do any one knows how to convert an NSImage to a FireMonkey Bitmap, I am receiving this NSImage from Objective C API.

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In mCL, specifically the FMX.TMSNativeNSBaseControl unit, there is a function that converts the NSImage to a TBitmap: function BitmapFromImage(AImage: NSImage): TBitmap;

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Thank you for your reply, I actually asked this question on Stackoverflow:, can I have your permission to add the code there (Highlighting your contribution) or if you like you can post it there yourself.


Sorry, the mCL license does not permit this.


I tried the code, in PAServer terminal, I received the following message:

This application is assuming that a particular image contains an NSBitmapImageRep, which is not a good assumption. We are instantiating a bitmap so that whatever this is keeps working, but please do not do this. Break on void _NSPrivateIconImageRepSubclassAssumedToBeBitmap() to debug. This will be logged only once. This may break in the future.

I assume this is being accounted for in the series of "if Assigned"checks...



No worries, thank you for your feedback, I do appreciate it.



This code originates from an older iOS version, and it could be deprecated in a future iOS version, but we haven't found a valid solution to transfer an NSImage to a TBitmap. Whenever the NSBitmapImageRep breaks, the code should be safe as it checks for assignments. As soon as we have found a solution, we will replace the current code.

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Any update on this...

Sorry, we still haven't found a workaround to ignore this warning, but the code is still valid.

Yes, I understand the code is valid from a "safety" perspective, but it is not working :)

I previously posted this question on stackoverflow, would you kindly check it:


We have invesigated this further and changed the conversion routine, converting the original NSImage to a NSData via the TIFFRepresentation function. The next version will have this included.