controlling edit status of db-sensitive components

i have to control the state of a query used in a form. Normally the components are "readonly". If the data has to be edited I tried to use a TIWDBAsyncNavigator. Pushing the edit or post button I can change for instance the BGColor of a DBAdvEdit component immediately. Changing its property 'editable' accordingly doesn't succeed. The property 'autoeditable' seems to have no influence. 'readonly is false'. A refresh of the DBAdvEdit component has no influence too.

Somehow, after some clicks, refresh of the browser window, some messages and waiting some time, I get the component editable and the DBAdvEdit component gets the "edit border". Pushing the post  button is annoying too.

How can I succeed controlling edit status?

Can you please make sure the NonEditableAsLabel of your DBEdit controls is set to false?

For further information, please have a look at the TMS IW FeaturesDemo which contains a fully working example for the TIWDBAsyncNavigator.