"Control 'xxxxxx' has no parent window."

About once every 50 - 100 times I close my app, I get an "access violation error" and then endless repeating popups stating "Control 'pagerMain' has no parent window." pagerMain is a TAdvOfficePager component.

With 300+ PCs running this software, once every 50 - 100 closings means that this is happening several times a day.

Any ideas about what I can do to resolve this?



What controls are being used on this TAdvOfficePager and how do you interact with these controls during closing of the form?

Removing duplicates, they are:












































No OnClose event.

OnCloseQuery here:

procedure TfrmMain.FormCloseQuery(Sender: TObject; var CanClose: Boolean);


   iniFile : TIniFile;








      iniFile := TIniFile.Create(fileCONFIGINI);

      iniFile.WriteInteger(secSETUP, 'MainPage', pagerMain.ActivePageIndex);



      on E:Exception do begin

        handleException(E.Message, '', 'FormCloseQuery (Main 001)');




We can't learn much from this information.

Did you try to add some exception logging tool to your app to learn more about the place in the code where this exception happened?

Sorry about including some form components (like TWebUpdate and the database components). They are obviously NOT on the TAdvOfficePager component.

The TAdvOfficePager components are:
























What's interesting to me is that I've used these same components for years without problems. This has just cropped up in the last few months. I don't update with every new release. I always update before contacting you, just to make certain a new release has not resolved my issue.

What kind of exception logging tool do you recommend?

I'd recommend Eurekalog: http://www.eurekalog.com/