Container for Google maps Component

i'm making a web application for create polygons, and i'm trying to set the template for the TMSFNCGoogleMaps component. Since this component doean't have a ElementID property, i'm trying to put it inside a TWebHTMLDiv or some other dockable control, but every time i do this, the map renders in the side of the form, not respecting the other elements on the template.

In this template i have 2 main div, the first is for the map, and the second is for some button, when i open the form, the map renders like this:

in the browser web tools, it's showing that the Google map component is inside the first div, as expected, but it's not happening when the form is open. am i missing something?

I cannot reproduce a problem.

FNC Map hosted on WebHTMLDiv mapped on DIV with ID "mydiv" and template contains

    <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>TMS Web Project</title>
    .center {
      border: 5px solid;
      margin: auto;
      width: 50%;
      padding: 10px;
  Hello world, this is the map hosted in a DIV
  <div class="center" style="height:300px;" id="mydiv"></div>

to keep div horiz. centered.

As you can see, the position of the client-aligned FNCMaps in the DIV is correct:

ok, so it seems that is something with my template. This project has a lot of stylesheet, i'll find the guilty one that's making this not working.
thank your for the help.