Consuming XML instead of JSON

We are looking at creating a webcore app that consumes a service that sends back XML rather than JSON.

What would be the best way to use this in a WebCore app? We'd like to use the web datasets etc.

Just did a quick search and iit seems there are a few ways to reliably convert XML to JSON via JavaScript if that helps any?

Thanks Andrew, that was my first thought - I just wondered if there was any hidden extras in WebCore I'd missed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We might be lucky here in that we might be able to get the devs of the API we are accessing to do the XML-JSON/JSON-XML conversion their end. It is in C# and the nuget Newtonsoft packages do this.

Mind you, it would probably be worth looking further into webcore conversion as there are likely to be other APIs where we don't know those producing it.

There are undoubtedly many hidden extras in TMS WEB Core we're overlooking all the time! So definitely a good question. I don't encounter much XML at all these days. But JSON is absolutely everywhere I look. So I agree this might be a good tool for your arsenal.

At this moment there is at TMS WEB Core level not really XML processing code.
Here is a starting point of what you could use directly from JavaScript to deal with XML:

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