Constant stack overflows in AdvDBLookupComboBox

G'day all,

FYI, even in the most trivial of applications I get constant stack overflow errors  in the TAdvDBLookupComboBox.component. The listsource contains about 1000  two field (ID, fldname VARCHAR(32))

The application breaks on the highlighted line:

I have decided not to use TAdvDBLookupComboBox so there is no urgency for a solution on my part.



PS - I use  D2010 and XE2. The problem is demonstrable in both.

Did you have a look at the two demos? Do you see this problem in the demos and if not, what do you do different from the demos?

Hi Bruno
The demo seems to work, so maybe it's related to my dataset(?).

In this instance I'm using ADO, MS-Access from a customer's database.  The SQL for the list source is "SELECT  ID, ContactName FROM Contacts ORDER BY ContactName". The dataset returns 1016 records, ID is an autonumber primary key. ContactName is 32 chars. The underlying table has, of course, many more field. 

Let me know if you need something more specific.



Quick update; I don't know if it;s important, but could the problem be related to multiple TAdvDBLookupComboBoxes on a form.

If I remove all but two, the stackoverflow disappears. As soon as I introduce a third, it's back.