Connecting JQXGrid to WebDataSource

I'm using licensed Web Core for Lazarus (provided Bruno - Thank you!). I'm trying to use the JQXGrid (the WebDBGrid is nice, but the JQXGrid has more end-user functionality). How do I connect the JQXGrid to a WebDataSource component? There is reference to a "Dataset" in the Column sub-component Properties, but no Property for a WebClientDataset or WebDataSource in the JQXGrid. I know that the regular version of the JQWidget Grid is data-aware when used in conjunction with their DataAdapter component. I see reference to a DataAdapter class in the Web Core source code, but it isn't on the palette.
Can I use the JQXGrid with the web versions of the "DataConnection/Dataset/DataSource" trio?

  • Brad

Sorry, at this moment there is no direct built-in support to bind a dataset to a JQXGrid.
The JQXGrid works with JSON data it wants to load directly.