Connect to myCloudData without Login request


maybe it's a conceptually wrong idea, but i'll try... Suppose
i have in a myCloudData table the subscriptions of the users running my

i already have the OAUTH application key &
secret, I want (from inside the application) to verify from the
myCloudData table the subscriptions of the users running the

For this, i don't want the users to "login" to
myCloudData with the application, i "only" want my application to
automatically connect to the myCloudData table and verify the
subscription of the user running the application. The login account to
myCloudData would be a fixed one, always the same for the application
(my account).

I think it's not possible, even if a store in
advance in the application the access token of my fixed account, because
the access token has an expiration date. It this correct ? i'm triyng
to use myCloudData for what has not been made for ?

Thanks, kind regards

Arnaldo Caliari

You could as an alternative generate an access token once and always directly use the access token for accessing the service without going via OAUTH then anymore.

Hi all.

So I have the chance to not embed key and secret strings in my Delphi application and only compile, or put in a ini file, a valid token (that do not expire if I don't explicit ask for this)?

And is this the recommended, and best/secure?,  way to read from and write to some myCloudData tables in a Delphi Windows app?


The key and secret are only required to retrieve an access token.
You only need a valid access token to interact with the myCloudData API which is accessed over a secure (HTTPS) connection.