Compression, Encryption and Middleware

Hello again,

1. Can you add an overloaded constructor for Compression Middleware with the Threshold parameter? 

2. Maybe you can add new Middleware for custom encryption? Or, if you don't have such plans can you assist me in creating it by my self?

Why did I tell you about custom encryption? My software in most situations works in internal corporate networks, and for using https it is necessary to get a certificate. To work with https the client needs to get a certificate. After moving the server part from one computer to another, customers need a new certificate. But all customers need software "out from the box" - install and work without any additional steps.

I'm found your answer about Encryption middleware:

1) You can use a code like this:

2) In the server-side middleware, you should do something like this:

In other words, is it impossible to use only middleware for this? Client-side coding needed too?

If you want to use custom encryption (not use HTTPS, which would be strongly the recommended way), I'm not sure how would you expect that the client wouldn't participate in this? If it's custom encryption, then the client must encrypt and decrypt the message, right?

The server part and client part of software is both provided by me. This is client-server software with secure storage of sensitive data of the customers

Then why are you asking to have encryption using middleware-only? 

I'm asking not about encryption via middleware only, I'm asking which method is the best if we don't use https. 

In any way I will recommend to customers to install certificates, but, but this is not simple for customers, which need just install software and use it.

Then the way to do it is the one you mentioned in some posts above. You can contact us via e-mail and I can send you a more detailed example.

Please send me it to alexegorov (at)


I need also this detailed example please,  on

Thank you.