Components of a Numerical Format...

Hi Adrian,

In my application I display numbers using a format mask. This mask has 4 components:

- Decimal Places
- Prefix
- Suffix
- Thousands Separator

This is much simpler than Excel's formatting flexibility.

What I'd like to do is to define these four terms based on an Excel cell in FlexCel. I had thought I could use the following function:
CellValue := TFlxNumberFormat.FormatValue(v, fsmFlexCel.GetCellVisibleFormatDef(fRow, fCol).Format, CellColor, fsmFlexCel, HasDate, HasTime).ToString;
...and then given I know the underlying numerical value I could try to parse the output. This last step seems tricky,

Here's the question - is there an easier way to find the four terms I need?