Components not installed

I have just added Delphi 10.2 to my PC, I already have Delphi XE3 installed and running with TMS Component Pack. I downloaded the current TMS Component Pack so I can add it to 10.2. When I run the installer it asks to delete the existing version then says it is installing everything for both XE3 and 10.2, Win32 and Win64. However when I start Delphi 10.2 there are no TMS components listed. They are however all still present for XE3.  

Searching for tms*.bpl shows 8 files. 5 for XE3 (dated 5/1/2018) and 3 for XE11 (all in the bpl/Win64 folder and dated today)

To see the components installed in the IDE, you need the Win32 bpl files.
Something must have gone wrong with the install.
Please contact support by email and send us the installer generated log file under your Documents folder.