Component Library Source Stubs

There are two Classes in Core Source\RTL\Web.pas that don't seem to have stubs in "Component Library Source", these are TJSRequest and TJSResponse which are required for the Window.Fetch function. I did search all units so I'm relatively confident they don't exist; with that said, can we please have stubs added so that these are captured in the IDE code completion?

Further to the above, if we want to create the stubs ourselves in a separate unit, does the unit have to reside in the Component Library Source folder or can it be saved elsewhere? I have added the above classes directly to the web.pas file above but I am wary that as soon as I do an update they will be wiped out.

We extended the web.pas stub unit with these classes.
We recommend to add all design-time stubs in a separate folder. This can be your own folder. You'll just need to add it to the IDE library path.

Thanks Bruno