Compile Error with and inherited TXDataWebDataset

I have a TWebForm that contains a TXDataWebDataset component, TWebDataSource and a TWebDBTableControl, all linked. Call it TBaseForm. TWebDBTableControl has the columns created. This is all done in design mode.

There is a descendant, TChildForm which sets the TXDataWebDataset.Connection and TXDataWebDataset.Entity and the fields fetched from the server.

There has always been a bit of an issue when editing the form as when TChildForm is opened you get an error about the TFields not being found, but this can just be ignored and when the form opens, they are all there.

Up until there hasn't been a problem in building/compiling the app. However, with when you compile you get an error that field RegionRef can't be found on TChildForm. RegionRef is the first field in the Dataset.

Any ideas?

We are not aware of such issue. Can this be isolated somehow or a small test project created with which we can reproduce this here?

After further investigation, we could trace & solve this issue and confirm the next update will address this.

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