Compilation error DBAdvGrid + Planner + TFindParams

Hello, I think I have found a type incompatibility (or something like that) between libraries. If you put a DBAdvGrid and a Planner in the same form and use TFindParams, it gives an error when compiling: [dcc32 Error] ... E2010 Incompatible types: 'TFindParams' and 'Set'

procedure TEmpleadosF.EmployeesTAfterScroll(DataSet: TDataSet);
var cont: integer; Loc: TPoint; Fp: TFindParams;
Loc := Point(-1,-1);
Fp := [fnMatchRegular, fnAutoGoto]; //### COMPILATION ERROR ###

In this case, prefix with the proper name space, i.e.

Fp := [AdvGrid.fnMatchRegular, AdvGrid.fnAutoGoto];

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