Common dependency on AdvStyleIF unit

My problem is described well in the very first FAQ which refers to multiple dependencies in the trial versions, but states that it doesn't exist in the purchased version.

However, I have the paid version of AdvColumnGrid and the SmoothControlsPack and a conflict arises with AdvStyleIF.pas. The version in ACG is quite old, so I could remove that and create a cross dependency on the Smooth pack, but that doesn't seem appropriate.

Can you advise how you would recommend to resolve this?

I'm using XE6 Pro. I've managed to keep these packages separate in independent installations in the past, but need them both in XE6.



Information about installing TMS Components with
shared units can be found here:

Thanks for the quick reply Nancy. :-)

Meant to add... You might like to update that FAQ to include the link. I'm sure it is in the support area somewhere else but I couldn't find it.

You can find this tip on the 'install issues' page at
See error 6:

6. Error: Cannot load package 'x'. It contains unit 'y', which is also contained in package 'z'.

Nancy Lescouhier2014-05-09 04:11:35