ComboBox with images and lookup


is there a combo box in TMS pack which supports both images for items and lookup as I type (for more than just 1 letter)?

I am using TAdvComboBox, but it only react to first letter, TLUComboBox dont have images, TAdvSmoothCombo box is overkill for use as normal combo box...

or did I miss something?
Could be TAdvComboBox improved to have this functionality? 

A possible solution could be TAdvGridDropDown where you can insert in the dropdown grid both images and text. See:

For a more focused solution, this is actually exactly what we are working on for the next TMS Component Pack release:

This new control TAdvSearchEdit has images/text (HTML formatted text), multi column lookup in single or multiple column, highlighting of lookup text, filtering while search, ...

I will give a try to TAdvGridDropDown - looks very nice. 

I am using standard imagelist images with 16x16 icons and I am using combo as DropDownList, so no edit field... will lookup work for sequence of key presses?

Yes, it is described at in paragraph: "Data lookup relationship"