Combobox on Samsung Galaxy S II

Hi, I have a problem which occurs when using the stock browser on a Samsung Galaxy S II (model GT-I1900). It does not occur on any other devices that I have tested. It also does not occur when using Chrome on the S II. The stock browser is up to date. It can be reproduced as follows.

Start a new IW application (I am using IW 14.0.31 and DXE2).

Place the following components on the form:

TIWComboBox (inside the region).

Add some items to the combobox.


It is not possible to select any items in the combobox. When the box is touched the item list pops up but when an item is selected it does not change the setting in the combobox.

Changing the combobox style to stAdvanced solves the problem. However I would prefer not to use this style as it's much harder for the user to select an item.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Please note that currently the TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack is only supported up to IW 14.0.25. This might be related to a change in the newer IW version. Have you tried using a different IntraWeb version?
Can you try to remove the TIWIPhoneStyle control and replace the TIWIPhoneRegion with a TIWRegion control?

If the issue still occurs this issue is a general IntraWeb issue, please contact Atozed Software for further assistance.

If the issue only occurs when using TIWIPhoneStyle and TIWIPhoneRegion controls, can you please let me now which version of Android you are using?

If I remove the IPhoneStyle it works. Android version is 4.1.2. There is no problem with later versions.


I have been testing the IWComboBox functionality used in combination with client aligned IWRegion and IWIPhoneRegion controls.
The issue you are describing also occurs without using any TMS IW controls, which indicates this is most likely a general IntraWeb or Android browser issue and not related to the TMS IW IPhone controls.
Unfortunately we can only provide support for issues with TMS controls.
Please contact Atozed software for further assistance with general IntraWeb issues.

Thanks for investigation Bart. I'll follow up on the IW forum.