ColorPickerDropDown - Issue with color init


I want to customize colors in ColorPickerDropDown with csDiscrete ColorSelectionStyle.

Here is my Delphi code:
    AdvData.ColorPickerDropDown.BeginUpdate ;
    AdvData.ColorPickerDropDown.Colors.Clear ;
    tmp:= AdvData.ColorPickerDropDown.Colors.Add ;
    tmp.Color:= clRed ;
    tmp:= AdvData.ColorPickerDropDown.Colors.Add ;
    tmp.Color:= clBlue ;
    AdvData.ColorPickerDropDown.EndUpdate ;

This procedure only works with ColorSelectionStyle equals to csList. I cannot have Red and Blue colors in my discrete dropDown colorselection.

Is there a way to customize colors in discrete mode ?


TMS Component pack v8.3.4.0
Delphi Berlin

This was currently not yet possible. We've exposed a property that will enable this via:

  AdvColorPickerDropDown1.ColorPanel.Items[X].Color := yourcustomcolor;

The next update will have this capability.