ColorPicker as Dialog

is there a possibility to use the colorpicker as a dialog like the TColorDialog under VCL?

I want to click on an element (TLabel, TPaintBox ...) and then open the color dialog and use the selected color.


That's not possible unfortunately. The color picker is custom designed and doesn't support a color dialog to customize colors. The alternative it to use TMS FNC UI Pack which has the TTMSFNCColorWheel component. This is still not modal, but could serve as a basis for creating a popup form color dialog in TMS WEB Core. If you don't have FNC, you could also use the color picker in a popup form. popup forms are demonstrated in the ..\Demos\Basics\Multiform demo. I've also attached it here.

Popup (53.9 KB)

Ok, then I solve this via a popup form myself