Hi Adrian

I'm trying to get the maximum index of formatted columns but ColFormatCount returns values I don't understand. E.g. I created a blank Excel workbook and resized column 3 of sheet1 (within Excel, no data added). Flexcel then gives me:

ColCountOnlyData = 0 (as expected)
ColFormatCount = 2 ???
ColCount = 3 (as expected)

I'd have expected ColFormatCount = 3? I then resized a column in each of the other sheets and always get ColFormatCount = ColCount - 1.

Kind regards, Bob

Indeed, this is a bug. It is returning the last used column (base 0), and that is colformatcount - 1

We've fixed it here, 6.6 (to be released tomorrow if all goes well) should have this fixed.


6.6 for .net has been released and fixes this bug.