Col sizing bug


I have a problem with colsizing when one of the columns is stretched. Columns before the stretch column are OK but the ones after do not resize properly.

You can see this by using the following to set up a grid.

  grdTest.RowCount := 10;
  grdTest.ColCount := 8;
  grdTest.Options := grdTest.Options + [goColSizing];
  grdTest.ColumnSize.StretchColumn := 4;
  grdTest.ColumnSize.Stretch := True;

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Would you like a test project?

I cannot see an issue here. If the size of columns after col 4 is changed, it will adapt this column size accordingly but of course, it also affects column 4 width as it will stretch again to fit columns in the grid. So, yes, the behavior might somewhat look strange when you have the stretch column in the middle, but what I see is according to spec.