Clicking on TIWCalendar causes TTIWebGMaps Updat

Intraweb 14.2.7
Starting with a new Intraweb project I add a TIWCalendar and TTIWegGMaps component to the form.
Run the application.
Click on the calendar and the Map updates itself even though the calendar and map are unrelated?
Why does this happen and is there any way to prevent it?
As a user it could be annoying to have the map update itself every time a change is made on the calendar.


Assuming you are using OnClick event of the TTIWCalendar this would mean that a full page refresh will trigger when selecting a date on the calendar.

Can you please try using the OnAsyncClick instead to avoid the full page refresh?

There are no Async options for the Calendar. Also this happens with no Events implemented. Just drop on the form.

I was confusing the TIWCalendar with the TTIWCalendar from the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack which does have async events.

The cause of the issue remains the same though, clicking a date on the calendar will trigger a full page refresh. 
Changes in the map at runtime are not automatically persisted so the map is reset to it's initial state.